Board of Trustees

The UHSAA Board of Trustees is a policy making body. Each region as well as the USBE & public/charter schools have a representative on the board.

Region Name Email
Region 1 Dean Oborn
Region 2 Terry Bawden
Region 3 Marilyn Richards
Region 4 Scott Carlson
Region 5 Heather Bennett
Region 6 Belinda Johnson
Region 7 Michelle Kaufusi
Region 8 Blaik Baird
Region 9 Craig Seegmiller
Region 10 Alan Mouritsen
Region 11 Kelly Preece
Region 12 Dale Whitlock
Region 13 Jeff Schena
Region 14 Greg Miller
Region 15 Kim Pickett
Region 16 Jerre Holmes
Region 17 David Brotherson
Region 18 Kodey Hughes
Region 19 Lori Maughan
Region 20 Mike Savage
Canyons District Amber Shill
Davis District John Robison
Nebo District Kristen Betts
Charter Bryan Durst
USBE Jennifer Graviet
1A Stan Young
2A George Henrie
3A Rick Nielsen
4A John Penrod
5A Garett Muse