Circle of Fame

The Circle of Fame honors individuals who have contributed to their communities in high school activities. It is the highest honor the UHSAA bestows upon contributors.

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  • Circle of Fame Inductees
  • Name (A-Z) Year Inducted Position/Location
    Anderson, Becky 2016 Assistant Director, UHSAA
    Anderson, Kerry 2016 Coach & Athletic Director, Wayne High School
    Arbogast, Jeff 2012 Coach, Bingham High School
    Baker, H. Cecil 1992 Coach, Granite High School
    Baker, Laura 2008 Board of Trustees, Murray School District
    Beck, Woodrow 1998 Coach & Administrator, Gunnison Valley High School
    Beere, Glen L. 1997 Executive Director, UHSAA
    Benson, Carol 1995 Coach, Ogden High School
    Bovee, Jerry 2013 Assistant Director, UHSAA
    Bowler, Terry 2020 Coach, Enterprise High School
    Braithwaite, Wilbur 1989 Coach, Manti High School
    Brooks, Walter S. 1992 Coach, Dixie High School
    Bruce, George 2004 Coach & Administrator, Dugway High School
    Burchell, Harry 1988 Athletic Director, Bonneville High School
    Burton, Dee 2014 Associate Director, UHSAA & Administrator, Davis School District
    Carr, Norma 2007 Administrator, Salt Lake Community College
    Chamberlain, Lex 2013 Board of Trustees, Kane School District
    Chavis, David 1990 Coach, Brighton High School
    Dart, Paul 2010 Coach & Athletic Director, Tooele High School
    Davidson, Lynn D. 2003 Board of Trustees, Granite School District
    DuPaix, Roger 2016 Coach, Skyline High School
    Edmonds, Dennis 2017 Speech & Debate, Bingham High School
    Excell, Evan 2009 Executive Director, UHSAA
    Farnsworth, Mona 2014 Speech & Debate and Theatre, Duchesne High School
    Frazier, Kent 2000 Coach, South Summit High School
    Fugal, Guy 2009 Board of Trustees, Alpine School District
    Fuller, Jim 2023 Coach & Board of Trustees, Box Elder School District
    Gappmayer, Vicci 2011 Administrator, Wasatch School District
    Gardner, Joel 2010 Coach & Athletic Director, Mountain View High School
    Glenn, Avery 2010 Music Administrator, USOE
    Gust, Don 1994 Coach, Hillcrest High School
    Hammer, Craig 2022 Administrator, Washington School District, Chairman, UHSAA Executive Committee
    Harrison, Larry 1996 Administrator, Tooele High School
    Heaton, Ferril 2011 Coach & Athletic Director, Valley High School
    Henry, Darold 2005 Coach & Athletic Director, Pleasant Grove & Lone Peak High Schools
    Hill, Dick 2007 Coach & Athletic Director, Provo High School
    Hill, Jim 1996 Athletic Director, Davis School District
    Holman, Ladd 2018 Coach, Delta High School
    Homer, Rulon 2006 Administrator, Davis High School
    Hughes, Art 1991 Coach, Jordan & Hillcrest High Schools
    Jarman, Berdean 1989 Administrator, Orem High School
    Jensen, Dee 2013 Administrator, Murray High School
    Jenson, Ray 2006 Coach & Administrator, Jordan School District
    Jolley, Jo Garrett 2003 Administrator, Jordan School District
    Laing, Steven O. 2006 Administrator, USOE
    Larson, L.K. 1991 Administrator, South Rich High School
    Long, Louie 2002 Administrator, Granite School District
    Lunt, Steve 1994 Administrator, Southern Utah University
    Malone, Sue 2004 Speech & Debate, Hillcrest High School
    Maxwell, Larry 1998 Coach, Highland High School
    Menlove, Martell 2015 Administrator, USOE
    Milne, Dick 1993 Coach, East High School
    Mitchell, Lee 2020 Coach, Alta High School
    Mower, Don 2000 Coach, American Fork High School
    Nelson, Don Wayne 2017 Coach, Grantsville High School
    Oliverson, Ray H. 1993 Administrator, Murray High School
    Olsen, Merlin 1989 Athlete, Logan High School
    Park, Robert 2012 Administrator, Tabiona High School
    Parrish-Salvo, Lori 2020 Coach, Ben Lomond, Viewmont & Davis High Schools
    Perkins, Don 1995 Administrator, Bountiful High School
    Plaga, Gean 1989 Coach, West High School
    Reeves, Jeff 2019 Public Address Announcer, UHSAA
    Roberts, Mel 2019 Coach & Athletic Director, Tooele High School
    Rose, Horace H. 1997 Executive Secretary, UHSAA
    Rosetta, Dick 2001 Journalist/Sports Reporter, Salt Lake Tribune
    Rupp, Lori 2009 State Drill Competition Director, UHSAA
    Russell, Phil 2015 Coach & Athletic Director, Ogden High School
    Schick, DelMar F. 1988 Administrator, Hillcrest High School
    Smith, Jan Robert 1996 Coach, Morgan High School
    Smith, Paul C. 2002 Administrator, Layton High School, Chairman, UHSAA Executive Committee
    Stevensen, Richard S. 1990 Administrator, Davis High School
    Stuart, Cindy 2022 Coach, Rich High School
    Thompson, Bart 2022 Assistant Director, UHSAA
    Toole, Doug 2007 Contest Official
    Tree, J. Marion 1997 Executive Director, UHSAA
    Van Wagoner, Mark O. 2008 Legal Counsel, UHSAA
    Wall, Larry 2019 Coach, Bountiful High School
    Warren, Darrell 2001 Administrator, South Sanpete School District
    Welch, George A. 2005 Music Administrator, Jordan School District
    Wharton, Tom 2023 Journalist/Sports Reporter, Salt Lake Tribune
    Wilkey, David L. 2005 Executive Director, UHSAA
    Wright, Kirk L. 2004 Adminstrator, Juab School District
    Yerkovich, Jim 2012 Coach, Judge Memorial Catholic High School
    Young, Stan 2018 Coach & Administrator, Duchesne High School