2022 Distinguished Service

Name Honor School/Organization
Robert Reisbeck 6A Coach of the Year Layton
Scott Stucki 5A Coach of the Year Hillcrest
Blaine Monkres 4A Coach of the Year Dixie
Jason Jacobsen 3A Coach of the Year Canyon View
Lexa Larsen 2A Coach of the Year North Sevier
Chaz Fisher 1A Coach of the Year Altamont
Craig Morris Athletic Director of the Year Waterford
Maria Elkington Fowler Female Official of the Year UHSAA
Scott Maxfield Male Official of the Year UHSAA
Timothy Kidder Music Educator of the Year North Sanpete
Caleb Shabestari Music Educator of the Year Alta
John Garofalo Speech Educator of the Year Syracuse
Kory Howard Theatre Educator of the Year Manti
Jackie Parker Distinguished Contributor UHSAA
Dr. Karl Weenig Distinguished Contributor UHSAA
Julie Slama Distinguished Media Contributor Valley Journal
Devin Dixon Distinguished Media Contributor Southern Utah