2017 Distinguished Service

Name Honor School/Organization
Taylor Allen 6A Coach of the Year Syracuse
Todd Etherington 5A Coach of the Year Brighton
Arthur Miyazaki 4A Coach of the Year Juan Diego
Marc Peterson 3A Coach of the Year Richfield
David Peck 2A Coach of the Year North Summit
Curtis Barney 1A Coach of the Year Panguitch
Ron Dolphin Athletic Director of the Year Grand County
Tam Staheli Female Official of the Year UHSAA
Al White Male Official of the Year UHSAA
Geoff Anderson Music Educator of the Year Fremont
Robert Lacey Music Educator of the Year Valley
Sharon Ellsworth-Nielsen Speech Educator of the Year Park City
Phaidra Atkinson Theatre Educator of the Year Corner Canyon
Bob Peterson Distinguished Contributor  
Garth Rushforth Distinguished Contributor  
Mark Hildebrand and Jared Kearns Distinguished Contributors  
Ryan Comer, Standard-Examiner Distinguished Media Contributor