2023 Distinguished Service

Name Honor School/Organization
Randy McAllister 6A Coach of the Year Pleasant Grove
Shawn Kennedy 5A Coach of the Year Skyline
Christian Babinski 4A Coach of the Year Jordan
Allie Chamberlain 3A Coach of the Year Carbon
Barkley Christensen 2A Coach of the Year San Juan
Danny Yardley 1A Coach of the Year Panguitch
Cheryl Hadley Athletic Director of the Year North Sanpete
Sarah Swapp Female Official of the Year UHSAA
Kelly Woodbrey Male Official of the Year UHSAA
Sarah Yoon Music Educator of the Year Rowland Hall
Nathan Egan Music Educator of the Year Syracuse
Eric Peterson Speech Educator of the Year Manti
Mindy Nelsen Theatre Educator of the Year Lehi
Laura Belnap Distinguished Contributor UHSAA
Kristen Betts Distinguished Contributor UHSAA
Barrett Hilton Distinguished Media Contributor TeamHive & CentraCom
Robert Lovell Distinguished Media Contributor Mid-Utah Radio