Declaration Form

See UHSAA Handbook Drill Team Section:

Annual maximum budget for drill team is $1000.00 per girl (or $1000 times the number of girls on the team). Donated supplies and all monies, including budgeted schools funds, out-of-pocket expenses, fundraised or donated funds for costumes and supplies which are used for competition routines performed during the drill season (competition start date through the state competition) must not exceed $1000 times the number of girls on the team. The budget must include the following: costumes, accessories, music fees, choreography fees and any costs incurred for state competition routines

Total Expenses

Please enter the amount spent on each of the items below. Enter 0 if there were no expenses. The total expenses box will calculate automatically.
To create a level playing field between all participating programs and to limit the financial burden incurred by participants, parents and schools, coaches shall operate their programs within the stated limitations. By submitting below you verify that your program has adhered to the UHSAA budget restrictions and tracked all incoming revenue and outgoing expenses. All documentation (i.e. receipts, bills, etc) should be kept on file at the school in the event your school is selected for the random audit. A copy of the form will be emailed to you, your school athletic director & principal.