2024-25 UHSAA Drill Moratorium Declaration

On an annual basis, drill teams must observe a sport specific moratorium of four weeks (two, two week blocks; they may be continuous). Unique to the sport of drill, schools have the opportunity to select the two, two week blocks from the list of weeks below.

During the moratorium days there can be no tryouts, practices, team camps, fundraisers, performances, showcases, assemblies, parades, competitions, etc. No coaching and no contact related to the sport. The sport specific moratorium is in addition to the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Summer Moratorium as listed on the UHSAA Calendar.

Moratorium days apply to current 9th through 12th grade students. During the moratorium days, activities shall not meet, practice, compete or travel. Facilities used by the school shall not be used related to the sport. Any member of the coaching staff (paid or unpaid) shall NOT: have player contact or communication related to the sport; organize or conduct any meetings related to the sport; organize or conduct practices or competitions of any kind; organize or conduct fundraisers; coach or observe any potential player related to the sport. See Handbook, Interps & Guidelines 2.2.5 for info.

In addition, no drill team activities may take place during a drill team class period. Each week must include seven consecutive days. Please indicate your two, two week blocks of moratorium (Sunday through the Saturday).



First 2-week block


Second 2-week block