Endowment Request Form

Please fill out each tab in the form below to request an endowment game. Remember to read the rules/guidelines below as well. After submitting, your Principal will receive an email & need to approve of the request using the link in the email. Then the UHSAA will approve/deny the request.

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By submitting, I understand the regulations of endowment games outlined below. (You will also be emailed a copy after submitting).

Endowment Game Rules & Guidlines

This form must be used to notify the UHSAA of any endowment games your school wishes to schedule. Please complete all sections of the form and submit. Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent to the Host School Principal. The Principal must click the approval link in the email 30 days prior to the contest date. Once the school approves, the UHSAA will then also approve/deny the contest. If approved, a confirmation and financial form will be emailed to the host school immediately. Once the endowment game has been played, the host school is responsible for submitting the completed financial form and endowment check to the UHSAA. Please contact the UHSAA office if you have further questions.

  • This document is only required to be submitted by the host school!
  • In order for an endowment game request to be approved, a gate must be charged for the game. Failure to charge a gate at the endowment game will potentially result in reprimand/financial penalty by the Executive Committee
  • Endowment games at neutral sites will also require additional approval by the Executive Committee.
  • This application is due to the UHSAA office at least 30 days prior to the endowment game.
  • Submitting this document indicates that the principal and athletic director have read and will abide by the policies and procedures indicated here.
  • Failure to properly request participation in an endowment game subjects participating schools to UHSAA rules violations with regards to the contest limitation rule. Schools should also ensure that students meet all eligibility requirements before competing in this event.
  • Remember: After hosting costs* are subtracted from gross receipts, 50% of the remaining revenue shall be forwarded to the UHSAA Endowment Fund. Further information is listed on the Endowment Game Financial Form which will accompany your email approval. For administration purposes, this game should be run as though it were a state playoff game. Cheerleaders, however, are to be admitted free of charge.
  • Endowment games are only available in football and boys' and girls' basketball (Varsity Only). *Hosting costs do not include officials' travel costs and game fees. These costs are the responsibility of the home school. Team travel costs are the responsibility of the visiting school.