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Date Posted Sport School Location Level Dates Contact Phone Details
Date Posted Sport School Location Level Dates Contact Phone Details
08/18/17 : 08:37:37 Wrestling Granger Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2017-11-20 Sam Vidal 801-989-6723 Looking for teams in Salt Lake valley to dual both JV and Varsity. Verbal 2 year contract for home and home.
02/16/18 : 10:32:16 Volleyball Ridgeline Anywhere Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-08-20 Denae Pruden 435-764-8291 Looking for Preseason Volleyball matches/tournaments for Ridgeline High School. We are 4A and took 5th in state last year, so should be a pretty good match. Let me know.
11/16/17 : 11:24:32 Tennis-Boys Hunter Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-08 Rick Bullock 801-834-5526
12/29/17 : 00:39:43 Softball Bingham Home Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-05-09 Mikki Jackson 801-205-6362 Prefer May 9,10, or 11th but also have space March 8,9 or April 24
09/20/17 : 12:19:41 Softball North Sanpete Anywhere Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-04-30 Landon Bailey 435-851-7036 Looking for a couple of games to complete our schedule. Wanting to play Varsity, JV, and Fresh/Soph. Hoping for a 2-year home and home agreement.
09/15/17 : 06:39:40 Softball Green Canyon Anywhere Sophomore 2018-03-12 Kelsey Larsen 435-512-9569 Our Sophomore team is looking for games. Love to play double headers when we find another Soph team.
08/18/17 : 08:43:46 Softball Granger Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-05 Sam Vidal 801-989-6723 Granger high softball is looking for games to complete our schedule for 2018 season. Verbal 2 year home and home contract.
10/06/17 : 10:46:57 Softball Green Canyon Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-19 Kelsey Larsen 435-512-9569 Looking for a few more games to complete our 2018 schedule.
10/08/17 : 13:14:20 Softball Hillcrest Anywhere Sophomore 2018-03-12 Scott Carrell 801-826-6057
03/15/18 : 11:48:08 Girls-Basketball Grantsville Home Varsity 2018-12-13 Megan Vera 435-841-2800 Endowment Game
03/15/18 : 11:49:41 Girls-Basketball Grantsville Home Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-12-13 Megan Vera 435-841-2800 12/13-1/11/18
03/16/18 : 05:53:41 Girls-Basketball Riverton Away Varsity 2018-12-18 ron ence 801-833-2270 looking for away game tue dec 11th, then a home or away game on tue dec 18
11/29/17 : 14:09:26 Girls-Basketball Ben Lomond Home Junior Varsity, Varsity 2017-12-08 Jeff Kilts 801-737-7914 Girls Basketball Varsity and JV Tournament Friday 12/08 (1 game) and Saturday 12/09 (2 games) We had a school drop at the last minute
03/02/18 : 10:01:58 Girls-Basketball Box Elder Anywhere Freshmen 2018-12-04 Aaron Dooley 435-730-6117
08/29/17 : 11:55:04 Girls-Basketball Layton Christian Academy Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2017-12-11 Aaron Schrader 801-707-6694
03/12/18 : 17:54:53 Girls-Basketball Uintah Home Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-11-29 Bill Sivert 435-781-3110 We are looking for one more team to participate in our annual tournament at Uintah High School. We have games for all levels available. Please contact Bill Sivert or Kristy Putnam at Uintah High School for information.
11/28/17 : 14:12:45 Football Parowan Anywhere Varsity 2018-08-31 Alana Benson 435-559-2932 Looking for a football game. We are 1A football.
11/30/17 : 08:29:28 Football Uintah Anywhere Varsity 2018-08-17 Bill Sivert 435-781-3110 Uintah High School is looking for week 1 and week 4 games for the 2018 season. Please contact AD Bill Sivert or Head Coach Todd Peacock ( if you are interested. We would request that one of those games be played at Uintah.
12/13/17 : 12:17:32 Football East Home Sophomore, Junior Varsity 2018-09-06 Tony Fa 801-505-2195 We are in need of games for our Sophomore & Junior Varsity levels. Our Varsity level will be traveling out of state for a game.
12/17/17 : 21:30:52 Football East Home Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-09-28 Tony Fa 801-505-2195 Looking to host a game on the weekend of Sept 28th for all three levels. Any interest, please text, email, or call?
12/20/17 : 14:49:48 Football Grand County Anywhere Varsity 2018-08-17 Ronald Dolphin 435-719-4871 Endowment game request
01/17/18 : 08:09:25 Football Alta Away Varsity 2018-08-17 Philip Piccirillo 813-525-4016 Faith Christian from Orlando,FL wants to travel to Utah and needs a host. We are a small school of less than 200 in enrollment and play with about 30 kids on the roster. If you are interested in hosting please let me know
01/26/18 : 13:14:13 Football Hurricane Home Varsity 2018-08-31 Marcus Matua 435-635-3280 Hurricane High School is looking for an opponent for a Week 3 Game (August 31). Prefer a home and home game...with the first game being at Hurricane HS.
01/29/18 : 11:16:46 Football Rifle High School, Colorado Anywhere Varsity 2018-08-24 Troy Phillips 970-987-2155 Rifle High School, a 2A school in Colorado with an enrollment of 759, is looking for games for the next 2-year cycle starting next fall. We need a game on either week zero (Aug. 24) or week 3 (Sept. 14). We could host or travel the first year and then flip/flop for the next year. If interested, please contact Troy Phillips or 970-987-2155.
01/29/18 : 12:44:18 Football Alta Anywhere Varsity 2018-08-24 Bret McGatlin 720-468-9755 We are a high school from Colorado. Our enrollment is 1790. We are in need of a game on August 24th-25th. We would prefer to play at home but we could possible travel.
11/14/17 : 11:38:35 Football Desert Hills Anywhere Varsity 2018-08-17 Coach Franke 435-680-0054
11/14/17 : 11:39:52 Football Desert Hills Anywhere Varsity 2018-08-31 Coach Franke 435-680-0054
10/26/17 : 13:10:43 Football Palm Springs High School (CA) Away Varsity 2018-08-17 Dan Murphy 760-831-1513 Palm Springs High School ( Southern California) is looking to travel to Utah to play a varsity game on August 17,2018. We are a school of 1700 and have won a regional championship in 2014. 11-1 in 2015. If interested, please contact head coach Dan Murphy at 760-831-1512, or e-mail me at
03/13/18 : 13:43:52 Football Canyon View Home Freshmen, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-08-24 Chris Sawyers 702-499-8461 Canyon View High School a 4A High School in Cedar City Ut, is looking for a game on 8-24-2018 would love to do a home and home.
10/23/17 : 10:30:24 Football American Fork Home Varsity 2018-08-31 Aaron Behm -- Need a home game for Week 3 of the 2018 Season (Aug. 31st). Would like to find Soph, JV, and Varsity game.
10/13/17 : 13:43:55 Football Tooele Home Varsity 2018-08-17 Catham Beer 435-833-8703 Tooele football is looking for a home football endowment game for the 2018 football season. We are willing to make a return trip in 2019.
11/17/17 : 14:21:29 Boys-Soccer North Sanpete Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-12 Zachary Ostraff 801-592-3175 We are looking to add a couple of games to our 2018 schedule.
11/29/17 : 16:41:07 Boys-Soccer Cyprus Anywhere Sophomore 2018-03-06 Jason DeHerrera 801-671-3688 Looking for matches all season for Sophomore/Freshman games only.
12/16/17 : 18:55:04 Boys-Soccer Tooele Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-05 Stephen Duggan 435-224-2966 Looking for a game on the 5th or 6th of March, thanks.
01/05/18 : 11:54:06 Boys-Soccer Skyline Anywhere Freshmen, Sophomore 2018-03-12 Jim 801-424-3438
01/15/18 : 11:37:28 Boys-Soccer Ridgeline Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-12 Dale Buchanan 435-232-5539 Looking to add 1 more Pre-Season game, let me know if you would like to set up a game. Thanks!
11/07/17 : 22:33:48 Boys-Soccer Box Elder Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-19 Ryan Stevens 801-388-3358 Looking to schedule home and away games the week of of March 19th, 26th and April 2nd. Prefer to set up a two year agreement.
11/09/17 : 11:09:03 Boys-Soccer Westlake Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-07 Don Bastian 801-661-9759
11/17/17 : 11:38:35 Boys-Soccer Tooele Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-01 stephen duggan 435-224-2966
10/24/17 : 12:13:38 Boys-Soccer Layton Christian Academy Anywhere Varsity 2018-03-05 Jared Miller 801-529-7258 Looking to Schedule Home or Away Varsity Soccer games, also interested if anyone is holding a Tournament. Looking for anything 3A or above.
03/14/18 : 12:21:13 Boys-Basketball Summit Academy Home Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-11-20 Gianni 801-466-0002 Need 2 BOYS Games, 1 all levels, 1 endowment. Contact Gianni @ 801-466-0002
11/27/17 : 13:46:05 Boys-Basketball Green River Anywhere Varsity 2017-12-01 Sheri Vetere 435-564-3461 Any tournaments or we need a couple of games. We thought we were signed up for a tournament and we are not. Please call the school or 435-210-1288. Thanks
12/23/17 : 16:13:39 Boys-Basketball Riverton Home Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-12-27 Rob Geertsen 801-599-9163 We are looking for teams that are interested in playing in the 2018 "Riverton Holiday Tournament" on Dec. 27-31, 2018. All games are played at Riverton HS, and you are guaranteed 4 games for each level. We do true tourneys on the Soph/JV/Varsity levels which makes it fun for all of your kids. There is an entry fee of $675.00 that goes straight towards the cost of officials, and every team (including the tourney host) pays that fee. Please contact me if you are interested in attending in 2018, we will fill the field by mid-January. Thank you.
08/03/17 : 07:00:59 Boys-Basketball Wendover Away Varsity 2017-12-08 John Sharp 801-910-2210 We are looking for a tournament for both our Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity. We are a 2A school located in West Wendover NV. We are willing to play both large or small schools
04/20/17 : 06:57:56 Boys-Basketball Merit Anywhere Varsity 2017-11-21 Scott Sellers 801-941-3988 We are looking for 5-6 pre-season boys basketball games. We are willing to travel or host a game. Our preference is to play 1A-3A schools. Merit has a JV and varsity team.
10/23/17 : 07:17:42 Boys-Basketball Green River Anywhere Varsity 2018-01-09 Sheri Vetere 435-564-3461 Please contact me at Our boys need a game, we had a school cancel on us. Thanks
03/18/18 : 19:18:41 Baseball Summit Academy Away Sophomore 2018-03-21 Jeff Callahan 801-231-0956 Looking for additional Sophomore games to fill out our schedule.
01/02/18 : 16:04:41 Baseball Grand County Away Varsity 2018-03-27 Ronald Dolphin 435-719-4871 We are looking for a varsity and JV game to be played in the Salt Lake or Utah Valley area on Tuesday March 27th. We are on spring break and playing at Summit Academy on Monday. Classification size of school willing to play us is not relevant. We are open for any opportunity.
01/04/18 : 07:58:54 Baseball Sky View Home Sophomore 2018-03-06 Todd Phillips 435-764-6268 Need 4 games for sophomore team.
01/08/18 : 12:06:42 Baseball Alta Anywhere Varsity 2018-03-05 Morgan Brown 801-826-5639 Alta High is looking for preseason baseball games at all levels during the month of March. We are in transition between baseball coaches so please reply to my email address or school phone.
09/25/17 : 07:40:48 Baseball Providence Hall Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-06 Bret Kettenring 801-727-8260 Looking for games during this time. Home or Away.
08/25/17 : 08:39:55 Baseball Grantsville Anywhere Varsity 2018-04-16 Aaron Perkins 435-884-4500
02/22/18 : 12:04:36 Baseball Roy Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-26 Mike Puzey 801-721-9650 Looking for varsity and jv games the week of Mar 26th
10/13/17 : 10:43:08 Baseball American Leadership Academy Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-08 Dustin Johnson 801-368-1346