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Date Posted Sport School Location Level Dates Contact Phone Details
Date Posted Sport School Location Level Dates Contact Phone Details
08/18/17 : 08:37:37 Wrestling Granger Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2017-11-20 Sam Vidal 801-989-6723 Looking for teams in Salt Lake valley to dual both JV and Varsity. Verbal 2 year contract for home and home.
09/20/17 : 12:19:41 Softball North Sanpete Anywhere Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-04-30 Landon Bailey 435-851-7036 Looking for a couple of games to complete our schedule. Wanting to play Varsity, JV, and Fresh/Soph. Hoping for a 2-year home and home agreement.
09/15/17 : 06:39:40 Softball Green Canyon Anywhere Sophomore 2018-03-12 Kelsey Larsen 435-512-9569 Our Sophomore team is looking for games. Love to play double headers when we find another Soph team.
08/18/17 : 08:43:46 Softball Granger Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-05 Sam Vidal 801-989-6723 Granger high softball is looking for games to complete our schedule for 2018 season. Verbal 2 year home and home contract.
10/06/17 : 10:46:57 Softball Green Canyon Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-19 Kelsey Larsen 435-512-9569 Looking for a few more games to complete our 2018 schedule.
10/08/17 : 13:14:20 Softball Hillcrest Anywhere Sophomore 2018-03-12 Scott Carrell 801-826-6057
08/29/17 : 11:55:04 Girls-Basketball Layton Christian Academy Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2017-12-11 Aaron Schrader 801-707-6694
03/03/17 : 15:23:02 Girls-Basketball Summit Academy Home Junior Varsity, Varsity 2017-12-29 Gianni 801-466-0002 We are hosting our "South Mountain Holiday Jam" on December 29 & 30, 2017. Looking for a few teams to fill an 8 team field. Pool play + Playoff. —Gianni 801-466-0002
10/16/17 : 11:25:26 Girls-Basketball East Anywhere Varsity 2017-11-27 Tony Fa 801-505-2195 Needing and Endowment Game for our Varsity Girls . Willing to host or travel.
10/23/17 : 10:30:24 Football American Fork Home Varsity 2018-08-31 Aaron Behm -- Need a home game for Week 3 of the 2018 Season (Aug. 31st). Would like to find Soph, JV, and Varsity game.
10/13/17 : 13:43:55 Football Tooele Home Varsity 2018-08-17 Catham Beer 435-833-8703 Tooele football is looking for a home football endowment game for the 2018 football season. We are willing to make a return trip in 2019.
09/26/17 : 13:02:04 Boys-Soccer Pine View Home Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-05 Ryan Duckworth 435-668-1778 I am looking for some preseason matches on March 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th. Email me and let me know if you are interested in visiting Southern Utah to get some training in during the week of 3/5/2018 to 3/10/2018. Thanks!
10/09/17 : 09:02:40 Boys-Soccer Logan Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-12 Kody Klaassen 435-232-8352
03/07/17 : 10:27:12 Boys-Basketball Summit Academy Home Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity 2017-11-30 Hector Marquez 801-234-9617 We are looking for home games with various dates open. We would be willing to travel to nearby locations. We do not mind playing 6A-2A.
03/23/17 : 10:57:06 Boys-Basketball Milford Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2017-12-09 Rick Rose 435-691-0540 Milford Boys BBall is looking for some boys games....alot of dates available in December and January. Please email if interested.
08/03/17 : 07:00:59 Boys-Basketball Wendover Away Varsity 2017-12-08 John Sharp 801-910-2210 We are looking for a tournament for both our Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity. We are a 2A school located in West Wendover NV. We are willing to play both large or small schools
04/20/17 : 06:57:56 Boys-Basketball Merit Anywhere Varsity 2017-11-21 Scott Sellers 801-941-3988 We are looking for 5-6 pre-season boys basketball games. We are willing to travel or host a game. Our preference is to play 1A-3A schools. Merit has a JV and varsity team.
10/23/17 : 07:17:42 Boys-Basketball Green River Anywhere Varsity 2018-01-09 Sheri Vetere 435-564-3461 Please contact me at Our boys need a game, we had a school cancel on us. Thanks
09/25/17 : 07:40:48 Baseball Providence Hall Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-06 Bret Kettenring 801-727-8260 Looking for games during this time. Home or Away.
08/25/17 : 08:39:55 Baseball Grantsville Anywhere Varsity 2018-04-16 Aaron Perkins 435-884-4500
10/13/17 : 10:43:08 Baseball American Leadership Academy Anywhere Junior Varsity, Varsity 2018-03-08 Dustin Johnson 801-368-1346