2010-11 State Championship Programs
2011 Spring Sports
Softball: 2A   3A   4A   5A
Baseball: 2A   3A   4A   5A
Past Year Programs
Boys' Soccer: 2A-3A     4A-5A
Winter   Spring
Track & Field (all classifications)
2010-11 Winter Sports

Drill Team

3A & 4A Swimming
5A Swimming

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2009-10 Winter Sports
1A Basketball:  Girls   Boys
Drill Team
2A Basketball:   Girls   Boys
3A Basketball:  Girls   Boys
4A & 5A Girls' Basketball
Basketball: 1A Girls
4A & 5A Boys' Basketball
Basketball: 3A Boys & Girls
Basketball: 2A Boys & Girls
2010-11 Fall Sports
Basketball: 4A & 5A Girls

4A & 5A Girls' Soccer

Basketball: 4A & 5A Boys
2A & 3A Girls' Soccer
Basketball: 1A Boys
1A,2A,3A Volleyball
4A & 5A Volleyball
1A & 2A Football
3A,4A,5A Football
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2009-10 Spring Sports
Softball:  2A  3A  4A-5A
Soccer: 2A-3A  4A-5A
Baseball: 2A  3A  4A-5A
Track & Field (all Classifications)