Sanctioned Events

An event is not sanctioned until both the school and the UHSAA have marked the event as approved. School principals approve the event by clicking the appropriate link sent to their email when the request is made.

Event Date Host Contact School UHSAA
Event Date Host Contact School UHSAA
Beehive Bonanza 2023-10-06 Rowland Hall Jeannie Hunt Approved DENIED
Beehive Bonanza 2023-10-06 Rowland Hall Jeannie Hunt Approved Approved
Westlake Thunderdome 2023-10-06 Westlake Kimber Rodeback Approved Approved
Beehive Bonanza 2023-10-06 Taylorsville Jeannie Hunt Approved DENIED
Falcon First 2023-10-07 Clearfield Lorin Harris Approved Approved
Titan Terror 2023-10-14 Syracuse John Garofalo Approved Approved
Snow Canyon Novice 2023-10-26 Snow Canyon Josh Maher Approved Approved
Knight's Joust Speech and Debate Tournament 2023-11-03 Lone Peak Michelle Walker Approved Approved
Viking Clash 2023-11-10 Viewmont Adam K. Jensen Approved Approved
Skyhawk Smackdown 2023-11-17 Salem Hills Doug Welton Approved Approved
Cache Classic 2023-11-18 Ridgeline Cody Scott Approved Approved
Crimson Cliffs Tournament 2023-12-01 Crimson Cliffs Joshua Maher Approved Approved
Caesar & Cicero Memorial Tournament 2023-12-01 Northridge Shannon Chamberlain Approved Approved
Silver and Black 2023-12-01 Alta Jacqueline Croswhite Pending Pending
Patriot Powerhouse 2023 2023-12-08 Providence Hall Steve Porter Approved Approved
Beaver Battles 2024-01-13 Beaver Von Christiansen Pending Pending
Laker Debate Tournament 2024-01-19 Bonneville Stephanie Heath Approved Approved
Hurricane High Debate Tournament 2024-01-26 Hurricane Joshua Maher Approved Approved
Tiger Takedown 2024-01-26 Hurricane Jenson Walters Approved Pending
Skyridge Falcon Frenzy 2024-01-26 Skyridge Rachel Billings Pending Pending
NCFL Qualifying Tournament 2024-02-09 Kearns Amanda Hurd Approved Approved
Mustang Madness Debate Tournament 2024-02-16 Herriman Tanner Latham Pending Pending
The Last Dam Tournament 2024-04-26 Beaver Von Christiansen Approved Approved