2023-24 UHSAA Girls Volleyball Moratorium Declaration

Head Volleyball Coaches
Please select your school option for the 2023-2024 volleyball moratorium. This form must be completed by May 1 3 ,2023. The following are the 4 options coaches could select from:
  • Option 1- Combine the 4-week moratorium with the Christmas moratorium and New Year moratorium. (This is the existing moratorium)
  • Option 2- A 4-week period beginning right after the respective state tournament.
  • Option 3- The last 3 weeks of December (Christmas Moratorium included in the time frame) and last two weeks of May.
  • Option 4- The dates of June 25 - July 15 (also including July 4 moratorium) and 2 weeks after the respective state championships.

  • 1. Name
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    3. School

    4. Select your moratorium from 1 of the 4 options