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  • Hello Drill Head Coaches

    Below you will find the link to the 2021 2022 Live Drill Coaches Training. You will need to watch this if you were unable to attend the live clinic. If you have never logged on to the Vector Safe Schools Training site, then you will need to click the link and create a log on. Your position will be Head Coach and your location will be High Schools, this will make sense when you get to the site. If you already have an account then it will take you to your log in page. Your registration key will be 2a89b56f.

    You will need to watch each video (there are 7 of them) you must finish a video in its entirety to be able to move on or have it saved when you log off. If you watch half of a video and log off you will have to start over with that video when you return to the site. Each video is approximately 20 to 30 minutes long, so plan for that time.

    After you finish all of the videos then it should take you back to the Vector Safe Schools Site and it should show you have completed the training, you can print off your certificate there. One thing you need to know is that doing this on a computer is advised and not your phone. We have had some problems with people trying to use their phone.


    Please feel free to contact Lori Rupp at utahdrill@sisna.com if you have any questions or have any problems.

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