UHSAA Officials Payscale

UHSAA Officials Payscale for 2022-23

Baseball $69.00 $59.00 $75.00
Basketball $74.00 (2 officials) $59.00 $80.00
Basketball $69.00 (3 officials) $59.00 $80.00
Football $74.00 $59.00 $80.00
Football - Foul Recorder $20.00 - no travel NA $20.00
Soccer Referee $69.00  (3-person) $49.00 $75.00
Soccer Linesman $64.00  (3-person) $49.00 $75.00
Soccer - Both Officials $97.00 (2-person) $69.00 NA
Lacrosse $69.00  (3-person) $49.00 $75.00
Lacrosse - Both Officials* $80.00 (2-person) $60.00 NA
Softball $59.00 $54.00 $65.00
Volleyball $59.00  $49.00 $65.00

•  Volleyball Tournament per match:  $48.00 for varsity and $43.00 for sub-varsity (per best of 3);  $53.00 for varsity and $48.00 for sub-varsity (per best of 5)
•  Softball Tournament per game (with a maximum time limit of 90 minutes):  $48.00 per game
•  Tournament Shortened/Running Clock Lacrosse Games are $55

Officials may not be paid more or less than the fee amount stated above.  Schools may, however, offer a meal or meal stipend not more than $10 per person if needed to support officials in difficult travel areas.

Mileage Reimbursement:
Driver:  $.46 per mile for all miles over 50 that the official has driven.
Rider:  $.11 per mile for all miles traveled over 50. 
Assigners will make every effort to assign officials to games in an effort to reduce mileage fees to schools. 



VARSITY: Dual meet value:  $69.00 initial, $65.00 subsequent            

JUNIOR VARSITY: Dual meet value:  $55.00 initial, $50.00 subsequent

For IBT varsity tournaments, $150 per day (first six hours), 6-8 hours $200, 9 or more hours $250. For subvarsity tournaments, pay will be $120 per day (up to six hours), 6-8 hours paid at $160, 9 or more hours at $200.

Dual meet wrestling tournaments are paid for each dual officiating in accordance with the above rates.
Region wrestling tournaments pay the same rate paid for regular season tournaments.
State wrestling tournament pays a base rate of $200.00 per day.
Mileage is added for each official as well.

A.  Daily minimums or dual meet values will dictate the cost of ALL tournaments except the State Tournament.
B.  Add $.46 (driver) per mile and $.11 cents (rider) per mile over 50 miles to all dual meets and tournaments.
C.  Byes in tourneys may be deducted out of the pay but exhibition matches beyond 14 individual matches per dual will be paid $4.50 per individual match.




Referee: $50.00           

Stroke/Turn Official: $35.00


*DRILL TEAM Regular Season Prelim State Finals State
Competition Director $400-600 NA NA
Tabulator $89.00 $15 per hour $20 per hour
Routine Judge $89.00 $15 per hour $20 per hour
Floor Judge $89.00 $15 per hour $20 per hour
Technical Judge $89.00 $15 per hour $20 per hour
Difficulty Judge $89.00 $15 per hour $20 per hour

Officials’ Pay Increases
The pay for officials will increase $7 after year one, $5 after year two and $3 after year three. The next negotiated increase will begin in Spring of 2023.


  1. Payment should be received within 10 days of the contest date.  Officials are required to sign-up and have an active ArbiterPay account.  This will accommodate those schools currently using ArbiterPay as the vehicle for payment of officials. Officials should, if possible, be paid at the contest site prior to the start of the contest. However, if a school does not have the check ready, or it is made out incorrectly due to late changes, the school administrator should mail the payment as soon as possible. 
  2. Officials shall receive one fee per contest.  In the case where an official works a game shorthanded, it is recommended that he/she should be paid half a game fee in addition to a full game fee (For soccer – see note below).  Schools should contact the UHSAA office when this occurs.  In rare cases where a game is assigned by the arbiter to be worked shorthanded, schools are encouraged to pay the extra half game fee.
  3. Officials and schools shall not be permitted to negotiate fees or mileage less than those printed in this manual and in the UHSAA Constitution and By-laws.
  4. ArbiterPay will be used by the UHSAA for all state tournament games.  Payment for working a state tournament game will take place at the conclusion of each of the individual state tournaments.
  5. Should a contest be stopped because of conditions beyond the control of the officials (weather, power outage, etc.) before the contest is started and after the officials arrive at the site or before the contest is one half completed, the officials will be paid 1/2 a game fee plus the mileage.  Should the contest be more than one-half completed, the officials will receive the standard amount paid for a completed game plus mileage.
  6. In the event less than half the game was played, every effort will be made by the arbiters to assign the same officials to the game, however, if that cannot occur, the new officials should be paid a full game fee plus mileage to complete the game.  If the same officials come to finish the game they should be paid 1/2 game fee plus mileage.  If more than half the game has been played and different officials come to the game, they should be paid 1/2 game fee plus mileage. If the same officials come to finish the game they should only be paid mileage as they received a full game fee when the game was suspended (refer to Article VIII for the Suspended game procedure).